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Improv comedy is the art of conceiving, writing, producing, directing and performing something as it happens. No script. No retakes. It's a skill that some people have, some people can learn, and others should probably not try. It helps immensely to work with people that you know and trust. Paying attention to what your scene partner is saying and doing is paramount to the success of that scene.

The basic rule of improv is that you take what you're given and build upon it. It's called the "yes, and..." theory. If someone says that you're an elephant, you may be a sentient elephant that happens to walk on it's hind legs and uses a Finnish accent... but in the end, you're an elephant.

We can bring our show to you. Be it a private party or a corporate affair. As a bonus, we can usually manage to embarrass pretty much anyone you choose.

Ask about our Improvication corporate training classes.

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